Whilst appreciating our forests, trees, planet… 

Putting back into society and our planet, with abundance…







In the studio, the new album 'Bough to Bough' is sounding fabulous, everything I wanted it to be - the elements have taken it to new tree top heights, or so I'm told, it has elements of  Bowie, Prince, Kate Bush, Portishead, Radiohead, Shakespears Sister, Massive Attack, The Beatles,  Jane Siberry...

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My new album 'Bough to Bough, 'Progressive Art Pop' As an artist, the priority is to be 'free' to create, why I work independently, with no 'company backing'

My values are love, kindness, ecology, growing food, living in the natural world, protecting,  promoting the ecology of the earth, especially forests, and trees, my thing! in all ways I can

The time is now to do something positive about it! 

In fact, my BIG DREAM is to preserve ancient forests, planting and management, we've lost so many forests in the UK.  Without these trees we will suffer floods, loss of valuable fauna, insects, wildlife etc that keep our earth in balance.  I believe 'we all can do our bit' to help the environment.

I live in a beautiful valley, appreciate the 'wild' beauty, comfort, cosseting and huge amounts of artistic inspiration it gives me in so many ways. 

If you're into my music and values, its a double win when you invest in my music, or merchandise, cos, you're giving, to me to continue as an artist, and promoting, supporting, protecting forests and trees.

This is not something new for me, I've always been a protector and lover of trees!

HOW? By protection of natural diversity, so important to our planet

To either 'gift tree organisations'

Or 'purchase forests and manage'






Sally's talents spring forth from roots that run deep in the arts. ♥'

- Laura Moehl-Geraci - San Diego State University


'A lovely voice and a lovely person, always in my cd, thanks Sally for making such warm and up lifting music'

- Richard James 

'love your music especially Isabella...good luck in all you do you are so inspiring!'

- Donna Johnson Carini - Adminstrative Assistant at Anzelone Electric 

'Sally rocks, love her music, she is such a friendly person with so much to give and is someone I feel I've known a lot longer than I have - am honoured to know her and to have the pleasure of listening to her beautiful songs :-)'

- Catherine Shanahan - Dublin 

'Sally is a spiritual, wonderful person and this is reflected in her music. Definitely music for lovers of all things meaningful'

- Sara Beardes 

'Sally is a fabulous singer and a great musican!'

- Tracy Powell 

'Visit Sally's website and listen to her songs they wll make your heart sing'

- Lettie Freeborn 

'One of the best female singer songwrters around that deserves more coverage, who needs 'X' factor plastic talent when you have natural talent like this, just listen and love the sound :-) You have one life live it and listen'

- Steve Maguire 

'A wonderful artist and musician that it has been my pleasure to have met online and can now count as a true friend , I urge you to to take a moment and visit her site and listen to her many songs'

- Andy Lowe


   link for the woodland trust please sign the petition to save our beautiful

ancient forests in Wales 

protect it