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PEARL ALBUM - Sally Hope 

Sally's talents spring forth from roots that run deep in the arts. ♥'

- Laura Moehl-Geraci - San Diego State University


'A lovely voice and a lovely person, always in my cd, thanks Sally for making such warm and up lifting music'

- Richard James 

'love your music especially Isabella...good luck in all you do you are so inspiring!'

- Donna Johnson Carini - Adminstrative Assistant at Anzelone Electric 

'Sally rocks, love her music, she is such a friendly person with so much to give and is someone I feel I've known a lot longer than I have - am honoured to know her and to have the pleasure of listening to her beautiful songs :-)'

- Catherine Shanahan - Dublin 

'Sally is a spiritual, wonderful person and this is reflected in her music. Definitely music for lovers of all things meaningful'

- Sara Beardes 

'Sally is a fabulous singer and a great musican!'

- Tracy Powell 

'Visit Sally's website and listen to her songs they will make your heart sing'

- Lettie Freeborn 

'One of the best female singer songwriters around that deserves more coverage, who needs 'X' factor plastic talent when you have natural talent like this, just listen and love the sound :-) You have one life live it and listen'

- Steve Maguire 

'A wonderful artist and musician that it has been my pleasure to have met online and can now count as a true friend , I urge you to to take a moment and visit her site and listen to her many songs'

- Andy Lowe


While stocks last 'CD Physical product'


12 Album Tracks Picture Disc   

Full Colour 10 Page Illustrated Booklet and Lyrics

Shrink Wrapped Jewel Case




'The album reminds me a little of Kate Bush's more recent work, a similar production and arrangement of the material.  

Technically is is an extremely well thought out, rich and varied album, and I am sure it took a lot of hard work and time in the studio to produce it 

- a leap far beyond any other independent CD I have ever received for review!

Musically, it is skillfully played and performed, and Sally's strong voice (and evident song-writing ability) holds it together well.  The material is a little intense at times, but, never gets pretentious (a well handled balancing act), and is varied enough to hold my interest and attention well.  

Extremely accomplished, and I can't help thinking if this is her first album, she is very talented indeed: and if it's not her first album, I would love to hear some of her earlier work to see her line of development' 

Reviewer: Nicholas Wood


'The thing that hits you about this album is the beautiful intensity of all 12 tracks that at times can almost bowl you over.  

The central tracks are book ended by 'Squanasie', the opening song that slides in like a Celtic legend loaded with mystery and emotion but actually is inspired by a UFO encounter, and ending with a largely instrumental remix showcasing violin and sensational vocal effects.  

The next three tracks provide a vocal showcase for Sally and great choral contributions.

Two of the best tracks follow with fiddle and vocals taking off like a wildfire, into a very Irish ending on 'Sorry' and adding to the impatience of 'I can't wait any longer' as keyboards appear to lead the ending. 

 Guitar and drums begin to push through as vocals become more desperate on 'Live for the moment' and the frenzy continues on 'All the light' and 'Medicine'.

The relentless 'Naked from the heart' is another of the albums finest tracks for Sally and the Wild Angels, with a piano play out adding to the choral climax.   

Proclaiming self belief, I got belief has some down and dirty vocals over a plethora of guitar types before the beautiful 'What I need to hear', is driven by a gospel clap along and buzz saw guitar behind Sally's powerful wailing vocals.  

The instumental and vocally lush and rich 'There is love' winds into the 'Squanasie' remix ending.

There are echoes of Enya, Kate Bush, Melanie Safka and others, but Sally Hope has ended up with an album that is very much her own, perfectly crafted and programmed for it's time with elemental artwork to match.  

This is Medicine for the soul and spirit you can thoroughly enjoy.

Reviewer: Barry Jones


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