Sally Hope Woodroffe is an artiste, creative singer/songwriter who attempts to keep it real

She absolutely loves recording, messing about with sound, treating music like painting a picture, experimenting.  To her the joy is in being free to create in whatever way she feels at any time.  'I'm not interested in doing anything solely for money it has to begin in the heart, I am firstly a creative musician excited by where my music can travel, its all a growth reflecting who I am, my thoughts and my creativity'

"I loved doing some live gigs last year with Jezz Woodroffe, we wanted to work 'freely' in feeling the songs, with a whole band we felt it woud be too 'choreagraphed'. 

 We are always evolving and changing as artists and will never compromise our 'art' - who knows what the next musical direction will be!


 I'm working with a loop pedal at the moment, it's such fun, the great thing is, it's like a performance and can be different every time, depending 'how' you want it to go at any moment!  It means I can do all sorts of harmonies, and be creative while live!  This is really exciting to me, keeping it 'alive' and of each moment - will be posting some videos soon...

Please contact here thankyou